Working Groups

The PPFC is comprised of General Members – individuals, community groups and stakeholder organizations – some of whom serve on a Working Group or as a Member of the Coordinating Team. 

Working Groups are teams of General Members that come together for project planning, policy advocacy or another function designed to achieve the purpose and vision of the PPFC.

There are currently three working groups:

  1. The Mobile Food Working Group is committed to developing an operational plan to provide a Mobile Farmer’s Market in the City of Poughkeepsie and mobilize support to enact the plan. The mission of the market would be to provide locally-produced, fresh and nutritious foods to the community; provide the opportunity for local growers to sell their agricultural products directly to their customers; and foster positive interactions and support community development and revitalization efforts. A key aspect to this is that many of Poughkeepsie’s downtown and low-income residents do not have reliable access to nutritious foods and the mobile market would provide this service as well as promote the concept of food justice in our community.
  2. The Policy Working Group is committed to tracking changes in food policy at the local, state, and national levels that may affect the stated mission and goals of the PPFC, to providing policy research as needed in support of the other working groups, and to making recommendations to the Coordinating Team, where appropriate, with regards to public statements or policy positions. The Policy Working Group will investigate policy implications that bear on PPFC’s goals to reorient the food system, reduce/eliminate food insecurity and provide nutritious food.
  3. The Outreach Working Group is committed to conducting outreach for generating interest in coalition events and growing coalition membership. Goals include: diversifying leadership within the coalition, connecting with the public, establishing a regular presence at community events with information about the coalition and disseminating information (including the Food Equality Newspaper) about resources that relate to the coalition’s mission.