The Poughkeepsie Plenty Food Coalition (PPFC) has envisioned Poughkeepsie as a food city where everyone can secure, prepare, enjoy, and benefit from healthy food.

In our vision of Poughkeepsie people PARTICIPATE (as defined by the framework of food democracy) in realizing the right to food that is ADEQUATE, AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE (as defined by the right to food framework).

PARTICIPATION: Opportunities are available to think about, talk about and increasingly value healthy food. All residents can play a role in contributing to and sustaining a vibrant city food system, and decisions for improving the food system are guided by residents’ input.

ADEQUACY: Nutritious meals are available to all residents, and no one is at risk of going hungry. Youth enjoy nutritious meals at school, have opportunities to help improve the food system and are nourished as they learn and develop.

AVAILABILITY: Healthy choices are supported by opportunities for all to grow, cook, eat, experience and learn about fresh food. Affordable fresh produce is available wherever food for home consumption is sold.

ACCESSIBILITY: Training and living wage employment are available in food system jobs. Transportation options support easy access for all to food markets. Public and private organizations, including government, business, community-based and non-profit, support and reinforce the goal of nutritious food for all.

SUSTAINABILITY: The local food distribution system connects the area’s food producers to consumers and supports regional farmers in providing affordable, fresh food. The local food system supports increased regional self-sufficiency, greater protection of the environment and improved agricultural sustainability.