The mission of the PPFC is to ensure the right for all in the City of Poughkeepsie to access sufficient and nutritious food, through project planning and coordination, policy monitoring and advocacy, and capacity building.

Theory of Change

The coalition has developed a theory of change which outlines the strategies we will use and the outcomes we will work toward to realize the change we envision:

    1. Facilitating a forum for food issues will foster collective learning and analysis related to food as a human right.
    2. Coordinating a platform for projects and policy advocacy will engage people in planning, piloting, learning from and sharing the results of collective activity.
    3. Engaging and developing committed and diverse leaders will build a movement for change.

Activities Planned for Current Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year 2013 runs from July 2013 through June 2014.

  1. Disseminate Poughkeepsie Plenty’s bilingual resources
  2. Plan and facilitate four quarterly food issue forums
  3. Mobilize community participation in four quarterly food issue forums
  4. Advance policy monitoring and advocacy and project planning via the PPFC’s Working Groups
  5. Develop tools for assessing leadership development, representation and diversity and complete leadership development activities
  6. Finalize the structure of Poughkeepsie Plenty, the composition of the Coordinating Team, and the annual goals of the PPFC
  7. Develop resources in support of the above