Coordinating Team

The PPFC is comprised of General Members – individuals, community groups and stakeholder organizations – some of whom serve on a Working Group or as a Member of the Coordinating Team. 

The Coordinating Team is the committed core group that oversees the operations of and makes decisions about the PPFC, except for decisions about statements on policy, which are made by the General Membership.

The Coordinating Team consists of 7-15 General Members with three (3) year terms who organize the PPFC’s quarterly General Membership meetings and serve as liaisons to the Working Groups. Coordinating Team Members demonstrate commitment to the PPFC’s vision and theory of change, reflect the diversity of the community (in terms of age, socio-economic background, race/ethnicity, religion, etc.) and agree to abide by the PPFC Operating Guidelines. To the maximum extent possible, the Coordinating Team shall include representatives of community groups and stakeholder organizations, such as communities connected to food insecurity; civil society organizations (schools, faith-based institutions, and non-profits involved in nutrition and emergency food provision); businesses, including retail food stores; local government agencies, including urban planning and economic development entities; and food system stakeholders (production/agriculture, consumption, processing, distribution, marketing and waste recycling).