Change Circles Learning Forum

We had a great learning forum on February 6, 2014! We called it Change Circles: Connecting Our Food Stories with Action. Using the Food Equality Newspaper in 7 small groups, nearly 60 people shared stories and ideas for more than an hour. The session was very connecting and energizing! All the working groups gained new members, and “seed” ideas for new working groups were “planted” (see #5 in the notes). A few follow up items:

  • We announced that we were planning leadership development activities, planned as a series of short training (see Leadership Development below).
  • We are seeking outlets to distribute this newspaper, which we have printed in English and Spanish. Contact us if you want copies to distribute at a location or to a group you are connected to, or if you would like Poughkeepsie Plenty to have a table at your event.
  • We have been asked to facilitate interactive sessions using the newspaper with several community groups AND are looking for more groups we can have an interactive and energizing discussion with. If you are connected to a group that can invite Poughkeepsie Plenty to come and facilitate an interactive session based on this newspaper, let us know. A 30-60 minute session can be tailored to your group.

Leadership Development

Question: What does developing ourselves as leaders have to do with addressing food insecurity in Poughkeepsie?
Answer: A lot.  Because there is so much food insecurity, working toward a day when there is none is a big change. When we look at the big changes we have made in our history, we can see that they happen when enough people (many of us!) agree that something isn’t OK and we join together to learn how to build relationships, share stories, strategize and act together. In other words, change comes about by building a movement for change. And that movement will rely on all of us to be leaders.

We are planning a series of short leadership trainings that are open to all interested coalition members. The initial focus of these trainings will be on telling the story of who we are, what is happening and why it is important, and building relationship with potential individual and organizational members. This is a great opportunity to develop deeper relationships with other coalition members, and to think about community outreach and mobilization! If you are interested in participating, contact us.

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